Our Family’s Experience at the Regina Lutheran Home …

My name is Kevin Klassen, I decided to set-up this website so that my wife and I could accurately relay our experiences with the Saskatchewan health care system as it relates to seniors care … my wife’s mother Alvina “Beanie” Hall has lived the last 4-plus years at the Regina Lutheran Home in north-central Regina, Sk.

Needlesstosay, the journey to where we find ourselves currently has been an interesting one … over the next several weeks, I plan to build up the content of this web-site to document our battles within the Saskatchewan Health Care System to make a positive difference not only for our mother/mother-in-law, but also for the benefit of everyone else currently in the system and those joining in the years ahead.

This site has no affiliation with the Eden Group of Companies (the current owner of the RLH), or the Regina Lutheran Home itself.  It is, however, largely dominated by our experiences (both good and bad) at the Regina Lutheran Home during the past several years.  All of the information that I provide is 100% factual, according to the material I have been able to review or based on our own family experiences at the time of the posting to this site.  When I present my or my family’s opinion on a topic or when I relay what has been told to me/us as having occurred but not actually witnessed by me/us, I will clearly state so.

If you have an experience of your own that you would like to share with the readers of this blog site, please feel free to contact me/or leave a comment where applicable.

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